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what rental management software do you need ?

There are two rental management software packages available from Navigator Systems, RentalDesk NX and HireTrack NX.

Unlike some of our competitors that offer cut down versions of their main software applications, HireTrack NX and RentalDesk NX have been designed from the ground up to suit the different kind of organisations found in the production industries (sound, lighting, rigging audio visual AV, stage etc).

Both rental management software packages have easy to understand user interfaces that present the information in a way that suits how the organisation runs.

The information below gives some specific details about each rental software application as well as detailing some features that differ between the two.

If you'd like some advice working out which is the right application for your organisation then please don't hesitate to contact us - our details may be found here.
Our primary concern is for you to get the program that best suits your company.

HireTrack NX Software

Organising all the necessary information for today's productions and events can be a daunting task, to say the least.

HireTrack NX incorporates all the facilities needed to manage your information. The program includes facilities for scheduling labour and managing all your transport needs. It is extremely powerful and flexible in its approach to managing your rental equipment. HireTrack NX has been designed for the more structured company where the employees each have a defined role, with different departments performing different functions. With multi-user and multi-site options, this is the product for the medium to large business that needs the flexibility and ability to expand the system with ease. The HireTrack NX rental management software system is designed for any sized company that takes a holistic approach to their business.

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RentalDesk NX Software

Designed for small business enterprises and startup companies, RentalDesk NX is an extremely powerful tool if you require flexibility in your operations.

Typically, small businesses are less departmentalised, and require each employee to do a variety of tasks each day. RentalDesk NX also includes facilities for "walk up" business where a limited number of schedulers are required. RentalDesk NX has been designed for the type of organisation where everybody does every job. Typically this will be a small company with no middle management, and probably no more than about five people will ever need access to the program simultaneously. While your business is growing, the time scale for expansion above this critical mass is sometime in the future.

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Feature Comparison

   Differences Table (click to expand)
FeatureRentalDesk NXHireTrack NX
Equipment SchedulingYesYes
Calculate Equipment AvailabilityYesYes
Standard Equipment PackagesYesYes
Advanced Equipment Packages Yes
Calculate Package Availability Yes
Multiple Price Schemes2Unlimited
Line Pricing & DiscountsYesYes
Automatically Calculates DiscountsYesYes
Address BookYesYes
Address Filters3Unlimited
Advanced Venue Information Yes
Supports Multiple Currency24
Crew Scheduling Yes
Transport Scheduling Yes
Rental Manager InformationYesYes
Daily Diary Yes
Monthly PlannerYesYes
Scheduled Invoices Yes*
Exports to common Accounts PackagesYesYes
Accounts export customisable to any accounts package Yes
Quotes & Reports  
External Word Processor InterfaceYesYes
External File Attachment Yes
Printout's can be user customisedYesYes
Reports may be cross-referenced with other database programs Yes
Additional Seagate Crystal Reports support Yes
Maximum Number of simultaneous users5Unlimited
User Access ControlPre-definedUser Defined
Can be Translated into non-English languages by the userYesYes*
User InterfaceSingle WindowMultiple Windows
Technical Support – Web and Email90 days from purchase Inc.1 year Inc.
Technical Support – TelephoneAddn Charge1 year Inc.
* = coming soon

HireTAG RFID Solution

rental management software, equipment rental software and rental business software

The HireTAG system is an integrated RFID solution designed for the events rental industry. It provides a quick and easy mechanism to track practically every item of your equipment when it leaves, or is returned to, the warehouse. As items are walked through the HireTAG Arch, either individually or bundled together in a flight-case, unique radio signals are read by the structure and ultimately processed and recorded by your Rental Management Software.

This revolutionary new system finally joins together the practicalities of working in the real world of the warehouse with the rigours and accuracy of database management systems. The impact on rental operations will be radical and tangible:

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