• HireTrack NX Popstock

    HireTrack NX Popstock

    The popup equipment list chooser makes it easy for the user to select the equipment they want, either by drilling down through the categories or by simply typing a familiar search term. Pricing and availability are displayed at the time of choosing the equipment, making it simple to select alternatives if required.
  • HireTrack NX Notebook

    HireTrack NX Notebook

    The Notes section allows you to take notes and quickly check availability and pricing for casual inquiries. Notes can later be converted to Jobs or linked to CRM leads.
  • HireTrack NX Job book

    HireTrack NX Job book

    Job book
    All the information about a job is organised logically within the job book - quotations, equipment lists, purchase orders and invoices, crew, transport, documents, email and any other job related information.
  • HireTrack NX Equipment List

    HireTrack NX Equipment List

    Equipment Lists Editor
    The equipment lists editor displays the availability of all equipment instantly. Equipment can be select quickly through the popstock. HireTrack NX handles packaged equipment, reminders, templates and free text. Sections of an equipment list can easily be grouped together, such as FOH, Sound, Lighting. Conflicting hires can quickly be see and overall or individual line discounts can be entered.
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