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HireTrack NX is an easy to use, yet powerful, software package to help you to manage your busy entertainment equipment rental and production management business.

HireTrack NX is the latest evolution of the successful and innovative HireTrack line of software.

We released the first fully Windows based software designed specifically for your industry back in 1995.
Since then, as the industry has grown and matured our software has not only evolved to keep pace with those changes, but in many respects has lead the way with innovations that are ahead of the curve.

HireTrack NX can be licensed on either a perpetual basis or on a subscription basis and can be hosted at your premises, on our remote servers or run as a Cloud application. More info ...

If you’d like more information, pricing or would like to attend one of our webinars to see how it all works & to answer your questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or fill in the form on here.

How it helps you

1Do you know how well your equipment is working and how much profit it makes?
HireTrack NX allows you to retain control of your operations. By giving instant access to all the information in an easy to understand layout, it helps you and your staff make the right decisions to efficiently manage your business. By always showing the availability of equipment while creating a quote, the user can easily select the equipment that is currently available rather than selecting the equipment that they normally use. This reduces the amount of subhires that are required and works more of your equipment increasing the ROI on less used equipment. Powerful management screens help to globally organise the best equipment use across all jobs, minimising subhires and hard to fill shortages. Our customers report massive improvements in equipment utilisation with correspondingly higher profits.
2Are you spending hours just refining quotes?
The intuitive user interface in this rental management software allows you to enter a customer's order and within minutes have all the paperwork produced, including quotes, warehouse lists and invoices – and you know what you have in stock for the period without having to go through paperwork or run down to the warehouse. Team members & crew whereabouts are visible months ahead and vehicle availability and cost are at your fingertips. Because our customers can provide exactly what their clients want, at a competitive price, they get more repeat business.
3Have you suddenly found an aspect of a job has been overlooked or equipment forgotten ?
By grouping all the parts of a job together in a single onscreen book, it is less likely that any aspect will be overlooked. The unique document storage system allows any supporting documents, such as CAD drawings and client specs to be stored with the job meaning that everything is kept together. Using manager’s books such as the Hire Book and Planner, you can group all the common elements of multiple jobs together to allow the overall management of any particular job function. In large companies where more than one person is responsible for a job it allows each person to manage their part of the job. Meanwhile management can oversee and organise one complete aspect of all the jobs and therefore ensure the smooth and efficient running of the whole company.
4Do you know if that job really made a profit?
Everyone and everything should be accountable when it comes to good business practice. All the income and expenditure on a job is available to view in one place, along with a dashboard of graphs to show how each area performed as well as the over view profit.
5Do you know what the best investments are for your business?
Working out the best purchasing decisions for new equipment is easy with HireTrack NX. Most production industry companies purchase equipment based on what they feel they need, which is often based on how difficult it is to get hold of something rather than how often they need it. We all forget the things we frequently subrent if they are hard to get hold of, but remember the sub rentals that were large ‘one offs’ or hard to arrange. With HireTrack NX the utilisation reports are close to hand and can quickly answer the most important questions.
6Do you have equipment stored at various locations across town, maybe permanently located at a hotel or two and not sure quite what’s where?
HireTrack NX has inbuilt support for up to 63 remote stores – all controlled from the one financial centre (site). Easily see what’s currently at each location, hire out directly from the location or move equipment simply between warehouses. Of course HireTrack NX also support multiple sites, should a group of warehouses require financial independence from the others.
7Have you ever been at a production industry event and wished you had access to more equipment to hire out to walk-ups ?
Unique to HireTrack NX are PopUp or virtual warehouses – load a truck or container full of equipment, record it’s contents to a virtual warehouse, take it on site and you have a ready-made store that can own jobs, hire out equipment both booked in advance or walk up and where required raise invoices. Full tracking and availability calculations for just the sub set of equipment in the virtual warehouse.
8Do you recall that job you missed quoting for because you forgot to pre-empt the client ?
Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integrated part of HireTrack NX, opportunities can be tracked from an initial lead, through to a completed job. The CRM has built in reminders to help you remember the next stage of the pipeline.
9Do you dread stock taking ?
The complete trail of all equipment movements and innovative equipment handling, such as our unique late returns system, means less equipment gets lost and stocktaking and stock control become simple.
10Are you frustrated that you can’t get quickly data out of your current system ?
Many equipment management software systems are great at recording data, but not so great when it comes to reporting easily on that data. As well as an easy to use report designer to build frequently run business reports, HireTrack NX’s query by example (QBE) module allows quick adhoc reports and graphs to be produced.
11Are you concerned that this is too complicated ?
ireTrack NX is widely used throughout the world by organisations of every size. Of course much can be done to fine tune the programme to your business needs, particularly from the point of view of paperwork and management reports. Many users see this as “work-in-progress” and do not let it get in the way of immediately deploying the powerful facilities that HireTrack NX gives them in managing their rentals. This is something that you can manage in house or we offer a complete “turnkey” solution, with all reports and custom tools written in time for implementing HireTrack NX company-wide. If you’d like more information, pricing or would like to attend one of our webinars to see how it all works & to answer your questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or fill in the form on the Demo and Trial page.

What it does

HireTrack NX is a powerful Windows based rental software package, which contains everything your rental and production company requires for successful day-to-day running.

Written specifically for the entertainment rental industry, HireTrack NX features include facilities for scheduling and allocating:

  • Equipment, crew and transport
  • Keeps track of sub-hired (cross-rented) equipment
  • Produces quotes, invoices and purchase orders

HireTrack NX will save you time and money - freeing you to concentrate on other aspects of the business, resulting in maximum efficiency from your equipment and staff.

Ease of use is important for any equipment rental software package - HireTrack NX is no exception. Using HireTrack NX on a day-to-day basis is extremely time-efficient as day-to-day tasks can be completed very quickly with existing bookings and commitments displayed in real time.

The software is supplied with powerful SQL database server software to robustly manage your data. Web browser management interface makes it possible to manage the SQL server from any computer.

Supplied reports can easily be modified and new reports can easily be created.

HireTrack NX has in built support for:

  • Multi-site support - each site is a financial centre or administrative group that owns its own equipment and can raise its own jobs. (additional license required for each additional site)
  • Multi warehouse support - each site can own one or more warehouses - these could be separate stores for sound & lighting or maybe equipment located at remote sites such as local hotels.
  • Virtual Warehouses - these are warehouses that appear for a period of time, and then vanish such as your temporary store of equipment at an exhibition hall servicing many stands and customers.
  • Support for sub-hires (cross-rentals) which can be allocated to stock or to specific jobs.
  • Real time availability checking across all sites gives instant access to conflicting rentals and other relevant information.
  • Equipment, personnel & vehicles may be easily scheduled with full costing, revenue and shortage forecasting.
  • Create elegant, rich & detailed quotations.
  • Wizards assist with generating invoices and orders.
  • Supports working with or without barcodes or HireTAGed (RFID) items or a combination of both
  • In built PAT & LOLER results module.
  • Multipart out & back, allows equipment to be prepped over a period of time before shipping.
  • Flexible addition of items to a rental after shipping, partial ship, extend a rental or partial returns.
  • Stock control which provided information on how often equipment is used, how often it has been sub hired, loaned to other sites and how much income it has generated.
  • Advanced security allows users to be permitted or denied access to any area of the program.
  • Multi-currency support allows up to four currencies to be used.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to make sure your customers aren’t neglected.
  • Full document storage with inbuilt version control keeps all a job's documents, such as specification, CAD drawing and visuals all together within the job folder.
  • Notebook allows quick recording of adhoc enquiries.
  • Related Jobs may be grouped together in to projects for easy management and reporting.
  • Customisable views allow the user to define what jobs they want to see

In depth look

Further Information, demo and Trial

If you'd like more information on HireTrack NX, what it costs and how it can benefit your business please fill in the form on the right and we'll email you some more information including how you can arrange an on-line demonstration of the software with one of our team.

We'll also send you a link to download a fully functioning time limited trial of HireTrack NX and access to our video library showing some of the features of HireTrack NX

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