Invaluable Crewing Module and Great Customer Service

As a long term HireTrack user, moving to NX went relatively easy.

We rely heavily on the NX program for writing proposals, inventory management, show management and invoicing.
It was in many ways a new program and there was some learning that needed to happen, even after we went live. The training, custom reporting and customer service provided by the NX team has allowed us to overcome those bumps in the road seamlessly.

One unexpected bonus was the crewing module. For coordinating labor, the Crewing function is invaluable. Not only does it allow us to report on who we have out as a company on any given day, if one of our sub-contractors is in need of their schedule, we can easily export a report showing everything they have coming up. In addition, our project managers can see at a glance their profit margin on each position.

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