HireTrack Eclipse Support Renewal

If you are based in North or South America or Australia and have a support contract with our USA office, then renewing your technical support contract is now easier than ever. Simply download the form below, and complete the information and email or fax. We now also offer a monthly option, which requires this form to be completed. You can also pay annually using the PayPal (No Account Required) link below.

1) Renew manually (download form)

First, you can securely fax or email in your support by downloading the support renewal form. Monthly charges require completion of this form.
Complete and email to gsmith@hiretrack.com or fax securely to 615-547-1897


2) Renew Securely online

Working with PayPal, we can now process your payment for technical support quickly and securely.
Simply select the correct number of sites for your installation and then click the PayPal button.

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