Successful implementation of your rental software

Successful Rental Software Implementation

Getting the most out of your investment

Once you’ve bought your rental management software, what’s the best way to make sure that you get the most out of your investment?

Hire Software and Rental Software Champion

Select a dedicated person responsible for the software implementation.

If they are new to rental software, they will soon become your champion of it, someone who is behind the changes that are going to occur and who will help to move things forward and inspire others. This person needs to be able to make decisions about how best to implement the software without having to wait for permission from higher management. Freelancers and consultants have an advantage here as they are likely to offer a wide range of experience and work scenarios but they may not know how your business runs as well as someone internally. The champion certainly doesn't need to be an IT expert, in-fact, better that they know more about your business that they do of Microsoft's.
Planning ahead with your Rental Software implimentation

Plan ahead and have realistic goals and expectations built-into a time-frame.

A rental management application will require a certain amount of configuration in many areas before "going-live".
Mangaging the rental software implementation process

Manage the process sensibly and don't try to "eat an elephant".

There are a huge amount of features within the software that you won't necessarily need from Day 1 and we recommend taking it slowly and introduce the different parts of the application over a period of time.
Train users on best practices with Rental management software

Educate yourself and your staff.

Read the manuals, watch the "How do I ...?" videos, attend a training course, all these things will help to broaden your knowledge of what HireTrack NX does and how to get the best out of it. No need to memorise the manual from cover to cover but it's a great way to get an understanding and overview of the software. Attending a training course gives hands on familiarity with the software and will soon provide your business with the Champion.
Support with rental management software implimentation

Ask for help.

If you're struggling to get going or maybe having difficulty understanding a concept, then talk to us. If we don't know you're having problems then we can't help you to succeed. The support team have all worked in the industry so will be able to understand your questions and provide you with the right solution.
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