HireTrack NX Integration

Integration Service

With this new service, HireTrack NX, the definitive rental management software, can seamlessly exchange data with over 1,500 third party applications. These applications include accounting software  such as Xero or Quickbooks, collaboration software such as Slack, or business applications like SalesForce, MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Once setup, information moves automatically so users can focus on their most important work.

How does this work ?

By using an online automation tool that connects HireTrack NX to your commonly used applications, you can securely connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. It’s easy enough that anyone can build their own application workflows with just a few clicks.

Some examples of the kind of integration you can create.

Help your sales team’s web commerce offering


HireTrack NX - Shopify

As you add new products to your HireTrack NX inventory, keep your Shopify offerings updated.


ebay - HireTrack NX
Place your ex-rental kit on Ebay and when someone buys, direct the order automatically into HireTrack NX. 

Build team enthusiasm during your day to day business


HireTrack NX - Slack

Your quote for the new Kylie tour just got confirmed, let your team know by broadcasting your job wins to Slack.


HireTrack NX - MailChimp

A new prospect asked for a price, make sure that Mailchimp is updated with their contact information and ….


HireTrack NX - Xero

…. when they confirm the job, update Xero with their billing info.

Keep everyone in the loop – what about the Design department ?


HireTrack NX - Trello

Your equipment list requires some custom artwork. When the client confirms, create a Trello card for the design department to track the artwork’s progress.

The warehouse, always last to be told…


HireTrack NX - Mail

When a loan is shipped, automatically send an email to the warehouse manager so they know what to expect.

SMS – Text

HireTrack NX - SMS

When a sales order is dispatched, send an SMS to the customer so they know the goods are on their way.

Find out what your customers think

Your service is probably great—but it might not be perfect. There might be something you’ve overlooked, something that’s not working for customers as great as you’d like it to. The best way to find out is with a survey.

Survey Monkey

HireTrack NX - Survey Monkey

Surveying your customers doesn’t have to take much time either. When the job completes SurveyMonkey can send out a questionnaire to your customer and when completed the results can end up back in HireTrack NX.

Market to your customers

Your job is not done yet. Now that you have some happy customers, it’s time to keep marketing to them. After all, they’re the most likely to recommend your services to others and use you again.

Constant Contact

HireTrack NX - Constant Contact

So build an email newsletter, and add your customers to it. Whenever someone new comes along add the new customer to the list. Then, send regular emails to share new products and specials, and you’ll have a group of people ready to buy and share whenever you have something new.

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