#FeatureFriday – Venue Commission

In today’s competitive world, companies will often enter an exclusive agreement with a venue to provide equipment and services to the clients of that venue.
In almost every instance, the agreement would require a commission fee to be paid to the venue based on the income of the job.
HireTrack NX includes the option to calculate these venue commissions either automatically to each relevant job or manually on a job by job basis. The Venue Commissions are flexibly designed, allowing different commission rates to be agreed with different.

Apply Venue Commission










Depending on your agreement with the venue, HireTrack NX allows the job to be invoiced in several different ways such as:

  • invoicing the venue the discounted price after commission
  • invoicing the venue the list price and raising a credit for the commission
  • invoicing the end client the full price and raising a credit for the venue’s commission.

It is possible to fully configure all aspects of the venue commission, down to setting the default wording used, which helps to avoid confusion.

commision config




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