Why Should I Invest in Training My Staff?

Employing staff is usually one of the biggest expenses a company has, so to run your business efficiently, you need your valuable staff to be productive and effective.

Staff that are confident with your systems and fully aware of all the options available to them, and how to use them correctly, not only have the tools to do their job well, but also waste less of their time and yours, asking questions and sorting out mistakes, leading to a happier and more harmonious workforce.

Investing the time and money in staff training, shows your employees that you value their work and adding to their skill set will allow them to take more responsibility, freeing up time for you and your senior team to focus on new projects and drive your business forward.

Our Training Offer

At Navigator Systems we know how important training is, and that is why we make it easy and cost effective to train your staff.
We offer a 30% discount on your annual support renewal fee for the two years following training – so the training pays for itself.

We know trained staff are better for you and better for us, they know how to use HireTrack NX and make less demands on our support desk – we are happy to reward this with a 30% discount on your support renewal fee for the two years following training.

Methods of Training

Team members will have different training requirements from onboarding new joins to training in specific areas such as safety testing or stock taking, and different people respond to different methods of training.
As a starting point, your existing staff can pass on their knowledge and experience to new team members, and staff can also access a range of video and knowledge-based articles from our website. If you haven’t investigated this before, you can sign up for a free Zendesk account here and then spend some time browsing through the available articles. You can also access the user manuals as well as information on all our software updates and new releases including new features.

This is a great way to find out how to perform particular tasks and also to find answers to a lot of the questions that might come up as you start to use the system, however existing staff may pass on their bad habits, or leave out some of the details that they have forgotten since their initial training, and so organising a training session from an experienced trainer for new joins can be exceedingly beneficial.

Benefit of structured training

Once you have mastered the basics, you might like to think about the best way to expand your knowledge so that you can make better use of all the features available to truly enjoy the benefits of the system you have invested in.

This is where a training program can really help. Often the information is available on our website, but making the time to focus and take it in is difficult, there is always something else demanding your attention and months later you realise that you still haven’t had a chance to investigate the new features yourself, or pass that knowledge on to the team.

Booking time with one of our trainers means that the time is allocated, and it is often much easier to assimilate the information when it is being explained by a friendly expert who can  answer your questions and what if’s, as well as advise you on more efficient processes, and how shortcuts and new features can make life easier for you.

What Training Options do Navigator Systems Offer?

We offer two main options – Onsite Training and Remote training.

Onsite Training – Our trainer comes to visit you at your site.

As well as gaining from the training, there are a number of additional advantages to onsite training.

  • It promotes a strong relationship between your company and our team.
  • We can observe how you are using the system and suggest ways of improving efficiency and making the process easier. Our trainers have an extensive knowledge of the programme as well as industry experience. They are also aware of all the new features and enhancements in each release. If you have been having problems, they may have resolved the same problems with another customer, and so the same solution could work for you. With this knowledge they can help and advise you so that you can reap the benefits of our system.
  • Having training from a member of our support team creates a more personal relationship and means your staff have a go to person to ask as questions come up. They know who and what to ask, rather than wasting time struggling to find a solution on their own.
  • Providing training demonstrates to your team that you are investing in them and value them. Giving them the knowledge and skills to use the system to its full potential will encourage job satisfaction and better staff retention.

We feel face to face training is the ideal, however this isn’t always practical or even possible so why not consider

Remote Training – On line when it suits you

Remote training can be booked in one- or two-hour sessions, and this can have several advantages.

  • You can focus on particular areas with the relevant members of staff, for example accounts integration with your accounts staff.
  • New joins can have a brief introduction to the system and can record it so that they can refer back to it in the future.
  • If you have training hours banked with us, it is easy to book an hour or two as you need it, without having to go through raising a PO and arranging payment, before you can access the training.
  • It is easy to arrange a mutually convenient time for training, causing less disruption to your workflow.

What do we cover in Training?

We can cover anything you like, from a classroom full of new joins covering basic functionality to a run-through of what is included in the latest release, with your HireTrack NX expert, so that they can pass this on to your team. Each training session is tailored to your specific needs so that no time is wasted. We can also advise on reports or customisations that could help your business.

Keeping up to Date

At Navigator systems, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our software. We listen to what our customers want, as well as keeping an eye out for changes in the industry, and this results at least four new releases a year, which include new features and enhancements to the program. We always advertise these improvements and changes on our website, but fully appreciate, that with everything else involved in running a successful business, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of the intricacies of each new release.

For this reason, we have developed a ‘refresher training’ package for our existing customers, to keep them up to date with our latest developments. ‘Refresher training’ will cover new features that have been introduced since your last training session and may be helpful to make sure that you understand how they work, as well as any limitations before you implement a new business process. Refresher training also gives you a chance to have your say and influence the future development of the program. We encourage our customers to make suggestions through our COMMUNITY & FORUMS SUGGESTIONS & NEW IDEAS page on Zendesk, and we combine this with feedback from customer training to influence how we move forward. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers want & need and being able to react quickly with changes that provide a real benefit to them.

Some examples of customer influenced enhancements from our recent releases are:

  • Inventory Asset Cycle – purchase stock and move stock from sales items to rental items and then to ex-rental for selling of old stock
  • Sales Book – allows full sales functionality for the purchase, selling and tracking of items (including ex-rental inventory)
  • Zapier Integration – lets HireTrack NX exchange information with over 1,500 other applications.
  • QBE Quick Data Changes – integration of the QBE adds the ability to create quick information pages linked to wherever you are in the program.
  • Late and Early Return – easily invoice for late returns and credit for early returns.
  • Warehouse Transfers – easily move large quantities of equipment from one site or one warehouse to another.
  • Global Dispatch – pack several jobs on to one or more mixed trucks to help the logistics of exhibitions and other multiclient shows.
  • Venue Commission – calculate the commission to be paid to a venue automatically for all cost centres (crew, equipment,transport & misc costs) and see the effect on profitability.

Trained User Discount

We feel that keeping up with new developments is extremely important for your business, and for this reason, we reward your investment in training with a trained user discount of 30% off your annual support contract renewal fee, for the two years following your training. This means that your training will pay for itself just in the savings on your support renewal, as well as your staff and your business benefiting from the training.

You may worry that your expertly trained staff may leave, but the more you invest in your team, the more likely they are to feel valued, enjoy their work and get job satisfaction and so will be less inclined to leave.

We’re all familiar with the accountant’s cry of “What happens if we train them and they leave?”, to which the reply should always be “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

We always get positive feedback from our training sessions, Sarah M commented

Simon was amazing, it was a really useful day. He was patient and really took the time to understand what we were trying to do, and find a solution for us. I’d definitely have him back, and recommend him to anyone else. So thank you. It really gave us a refresher.

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