Venue Commision

As a successful rental business you may have negotiated deals with local hotels and venues where the venue offers equipment rental and production services to their customers, and you fulfil their requirements.

You may invoice the venue, giving them an agreed commission discount or invoice the customer directly and then pay the venue some commission separately.
In an ideal world, the venue would like a flat rate commission of a percentage of the price invoiced to the client, but often that doesn’t work well for the rental business which might have had to subhire in kit, subcontract crew, hire transport or pay the venue directly for accommodation or catering.
It would be better for the rental business to negotiate different commission rates for different parts of the job – but that could make billing very complicated – this is where the Venue Commission Feature comes in to make this process easy and simple.

The commision rate could be something as simple as

Equipment 20%
Crew 20%
Transport 10%
Misc. Costs 10%

or more complicated, such as

Equipment we own 20%
Equipment we have to subhire 15%
Crew we employ 20%
Crew we subcontract 5%
Transport using our vehicles 10%
Transport using hired vehicles 5%
Misc. Costs (Internal) 10%
Misc. Costs (Purchased from 3rd party) 2%

In it’s advanced mode, the commission rates can be edited not only on a job by job basis, but within a job so that different parts of the job can attract different commission rates giving you complete flexibility and more control of your profits.

With the data displayed in easy to ready charts