#Feature Friday – Price Books

The Production business is full of DEALS! I will give you a special “good guy” discount, if you give me a discount, or I will charge you a special price in order to get all your business and so I will set up a special Price Book.  Whenever we work in a hotel, we have to cut the hotel in on the rental, so I have special hotel pricing. It’s endless the number of price structures we have encountered over the last 20 years.

A basic requirement of any software system is Flexible Pricing, and HireTrack NX allows you to configure special pricing for all kinds of conditions. Not only should you be able to design your own price schemes for charging (3 day rental week, 1 week rental, 4 day rental week, etc.), but you should be able to assign special pricing to individual customers for specific types of equipment.  For instance, you might want to say that ABC Company gets charged a 2 day week on video equipment, while everyone else gets charged a 3 day week.

So, for instance, I can create special pricing on the configuration page, and then assign the pricing to each type of equipment:


Then it’s just a matter of picking which price book you wish to use:


If needed, you can even assign a price book to a specific customer:


Flexible pricing is a key feature in HireTrack NX, and taking advantage of this feature will save your staff time, money and increase the profitability of your business!

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